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Popular Trekking Packages

let’s take a look at some of the popular trekking packages among foreign tourists.

3D2N Rinjani Summit Trekking Package

One of the most widely chosen package which is a complete package to get all of the natural beauty and uniqueness of Mount Rinjani.

2D1N Hike to The Beautiful Senaru Crater Rim

When arriving at the International airport of Lombok. We will pick you up by private car. Then drive you to your preferred hotel in Senaru.

4D3N Rinjani Summit Trekking Package

Waking up at 05.30 am. Then having breakfast at 06.30 in the hotel is a must in order to prepare you physically before starting to trek.

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Our Top Destinations

the top destination according to MyRinjani relatives around the world is the island of Lombok with its million beauties.

Trip Packages

see some of the travel packages that you can choose to visit.

A Wonderful 3 Gilis Trip

Want to feel the atmosphere of a private island full of rides? Gili 3 trip package is the best choice that we can recommend for you.

Lombok Island Trip

Going around Lombok to very beautiful natural tourist destinations with friends is perfect to complete your vacation on this paradise island.

Komodo Sailing Trip

Want to enjoy a vacation that’s a bit extreme with ancient predators on their island of captivity? We have prepared Komodo dragon trip packages to enjoy your holiday trip.

Tourist Feedback

See some feedback from rinjani book relatives.


    Tourist Form Singapore

    The share package i take is 3d2n Rinjani Summit. it was unforgetable experience to go there. thanks for My RInjani


      Tourist From Singapore

      We are so happy to hike with My Rinjani Company, that was great service and realy friendly.


        Tourist Form France

        We go for the summit 3d2n Share package. it’s cheap and fair enough for the service are realy good. Thansk My Rinjani Company

        Terrence Baker
          Terrence Baker

          Tourist Form France

          The private guides were interesting and knowledgeable. We felt that they were more than just guides.

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